Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal LP Gas Smoker Combo

Many people love to cook their meals by using a smoker since the smoke adds an amazing taste to the food which adds extra flavor to your food. But what type of smoker you should purchase? You can find a lot of brands that manufacture and provide some high-quality smokers and Oklahoma Joe’s popularity among customers makes it one of the most trustworthy brands.

This company manufactures some of the most durable and high-quality smokers which have been available to people for over twenty years. Gas/smoker combo, offset, and reverse flow smokers are some of the various types of products offered by this popular brand.

The Charcoal LP Gas/Smoker Combo is among the best-selling smokers offered by this brand which works with charcoal as well as gas. If you want to purchase a model that will fulfill your grilling needs as well as help you in smoking food such as meat, then this model might be the best product for you. This highly functional smoker looks very stylish and you will be able to operate it conveniently.

This model is particularly a great choice for those people who are confused about whether they should purchase charcoal, smoker, or the gas grill since it offers a combination of all of these.

The huge cooking surface area, three gas burners, solid construction, and electric auto-ignition are some of the main features of this model which makes it one of the most-popular smokers available out there in the market.

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal LP Gas Smoker Combo Detail Review

Oklahoma Joe s Charcoal LP Gas Smoker Combo

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The Charcoal LP Gas/Smoker Combo offers an ample cooking surface area. The main cooking chamber of this model comes with 6 cast-iron cooking grates, which is 750 sq. inches in size. Furthermore, a porcelain coating has also been applied to these six cooking grates.

On the other hand, the secondary chamber of the smoker offers a cooking surface area of 310 sq. inches which means that you will be able to easily cook a lot of food at one time.

This indicates that the smoker offers a wide cooking surface area of up to 1060 square inches. It features a built-in electronic auto-ignition system, and the company has designed the sturdy offset box of this smoker for the smoking flame.

With this model, you will get 2 cooking chambers, and you can use one cooking chamber for gar grilling, while the second cooking chamber is for smoking. Many people complain that it is difficult to remove cold ashes after cooking food, however, this amazing smoker features an ash bin that you can easily remove for removing cold ashes.

Your hands will not get dirty while removing cold ashes thanks to the removable ash bin of this model. Furthermore, the handgrip of this smoker has been designed in a unique way that will allow you to hold its lid safely. The company has designed the handgrip in a way that you will not get your hands burned while holding the lid.

If you want to regulate the airflow across its cooking surface, the dampers of this unit help you to do that while also letting the use regulate the temperature. It is worth noting that the company has used the best-quality material while manufacturing this model as the easy-to-clean cooking racks of this model are made up of a material that prevents them from rusting, while the shelf of this smoker lets you store your small cooking utensils.

Moreover, the cooking racks of this model evenly distribute the heat and are also covered in porcelain. If you are a person who regularly cooks food in a smoker, you would definitely know that tracking the temperature is necessary, and thermometers are required to check the progress. To help you with this, the unit features a lid-mounted temperature gauge which will let you track the temperature inside both the chambers.

You should also note that this model is not convertible to natural gas, and the main attention of this model is its combo grilling. You might be thinking that it will be challenging to more this smoker, however, the company has installed strong wheels which will help to easily move this unit.

The unit offers powerful gas grilling with its 3 separate gas burners, and you should note that each gas burner offers 12,000 BTUs. Discussing the quality of material used in its legs, they are made of steel, and its cart along with the durable legs is powerful enough to hold the upper portion.

Using the firebox of the Charcoal LP Gas/Smoker Combo, you can stock the flame even when the main door of this model is closed which will help you to keep the heat as well as the smoke inside the cooking chamber. Lastly, the grease management system of the unit allows you to properly clean the unit.

Product Key Features

  • The following are some of the noteworthy features of this amazing smoker:
    • The unit offers a wide cooking surface area of 1060 sq. inches with which you can easily cook food for 4-6 individuals.
    • The three BTU gas burners of this unit are equipped with BTU’s level of 12,000 for powerful gas burning.
    • The primary cooking surface area of this unit is 750 sq. inches while the secondary one offers 310 sq. inches of grilling space.
    • The 6 cast-iron grates of this model are coated with porcelain to prevent it from rusting.
    • The built-in temperature gauge accurately monitors temperature in both chambers of the unit.
    • The company has installed wagon-style wheels which are made of steel and make it easier to move the unit.
    • Its electronic auto-ignition will enable you to easily fire up.

✔️ Wide cooking surface area.
✔️ You can clean the smoker quickly, and it comes with a side burner.
✔️ Space available for storing small cooking utensils.
✔️ Offers versatile grilling.


🚫 The unit comes unassembled, and you may find directions difficult to follow.
🚫 Its firebox becomes rusty after some time.
🚫 Hooks or studs are not included in the package.

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Final Verdict:

As for this model, we cannot deny that the Charcoal LP Gas/Smoker Combo is a great choice for you if you want to have a grill that offers different options. In simple words, it is super easy to use as well as convenient, and it is one of the most versatile models offered by Oklahoma Joe to make grilling easier for you. However, this unit comes unassembled and it can sometimes be challenging to assemble it.

The parts are also heavy, so it is recommended that two persons should assemble the unit by following the assemble manual which is available in English as well as Spanish.

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