Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

If you get an order of the BBQ or grilled or smoked food in any restaurant, you will see that the food you get, never under-cooked or over-burnt. If you want these services in your home and want to have a durable with reasonable price product, you have selected the best site.

This Offset Charcoal Smoker and Grill provides you the best quality of two worlds, Dyna-Glo and Signature Smoker. It is a gorgeous product, which will offer you the best quality grilling and food smoking opportunities.

Moreover, the ease of mobility will help you take this product to different parts of your home. If you are still in a state of confusion regarding this product’s expertise, then explore this article; you will get the competent specifications at reasonable ranges.

The dominating specifications with their advantages will help you in determining the efficiencies of this product. We will give the reviews regarding the top-notch quality of this versatile smoker.

Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill Review

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Why Should You Go For This Model When There Are A Lot Of Other Smokers Available Out The In The Market? You can get both worlds’ high-quality product with the Dyna-Glo’s grill as well as the high-quality vertical combo of grill and charcoal smoker of Signature Series.

You can get hybrid modes with the switching advantages. It can work like a charcoal Smoker, and the other switchable option is Grill. It has Offset Charcoal Smoker grates, which provide you the benefit of maximum heat delivery and provide the perfect searing to your foods.

You can monitor and adjust the temperature range in this product. This product has the temperature indicating monitors for both the Smoke and the Grill Zones. You can effortlessly maintain higher temperatures in this item.

It has heat retention construction, with an air-sealed advantage, with zero chances of heat leakage. It also helps in achieving higher temperatures in no time. The manufacturing pattern helps in the controlling of heat, smoke, and ash very quickly. In the longer run, you will save more fuel by avoiding its wastage due to heat leakage.


This durable product has stainless steel trays in its Firebox which indicates that the company has used high-quality materials while manufacturing this fantastic product. If you need new trays after some years, you can adjust new trays in the same item.

These trays have long-term resistance against heat and stain damage. Along with that, these trays are conveniently available in the market at reasonable rates. It has ashtrays to remove the ash from the assembly without any difficulties.

As it is an Offset Charcoal Smoker, giving it an edge to other related items. Due to this Offset Smoker, the Smoke will cook your food. There is no direct exposure to your food with the heat or the charcoal.

You will not find issues like flaking off or like over the burning of food. It also aids in abstaining from the health damages of charcoal particles. Moreover, as these are removable trays, it will also help you make more room for the fuel.

You can remove the trays and put more charcoal for longer times. The Smoker portion also has heavy-duty hooks. It will help you to roast your food in Smoker, by hanging the food on these hooks.

There are large, stainless steel wheels that help in the displacement of the product. These wheels are corrosion resistant and smooth in their flow. It is a very heavy-duty item with an appealing design. Once you arrange the assembly after getting your parcel, all the work will go smoothly without any future concerns. Its black color increases its charm and makes it look more elegant.

Prepare your next level BBQ, cook food by grilling or smoking at your home with this product.

Product Key Features

  • The features of this model include the following:
    • The manufacturing brand is Dyna-Glo.
    • The style of the product is Signature Smoker.
    • The body build-up is of heavy gauge steel.
    • The manufacturing material is high profile steel.
    • Large wheels for mobility
    • The grating material for cooking is chrome-plated
    • The total weight of this product is just 124.30lbs
    • Dimensions of this item include 58″ height, 45.5″ Width, and 24.9″ diameter.
    • Available in black color
    • The energy source is charcoal.
    • Provides a large food roasting area of 1382 square inches

✔️ There are different portions or grates for varying levels of heat exposure.
✔️ The temperature-measuring meter reveals the adjusted temperature.
✔️ Adjustable and replaceable firebox trays made of steel
✔️ Sturdy hooks in the Smoker portion allow preparing smoked foods by hanging them on the hooks.
✔️ The lid remains cool, even after a Smoker or Grill job.
✔️ The assembly of this product is very straight forward, making it easy to use.
✔️ The adjustable and hand-sized, spring grips will provide you the safe access to your foods.
✔️ Removable ashtrays in Smoker and Grill will help in quick and safe ash removal.
✔️ The zero likelihood of heat leakage will save your fuel from any wastage.
✔️ Two large wheels will make this item easy to move.
✔️ The one-year warranty appreciates its durability.
✔️ Stainless steel constructive material makes it resistant to weather damages.


🚫 Due to relatively lower prices, the body has thin steel covering.
🚫 One cannot use this product as the heater.
🚫 One should never exceed the temperature above 250*C.

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Final Verdict:

If you have a concern in making BBQ or roasting your food by grilling or smoking, then this model is the best product for you. Suppose you are not professional in making these foods. In that case, the thermometer will help you read the accurate temperature, and the ease working capability of this product will help you do your job efficiently.

The overall functional efficiencies make this product most suitable for you. You can conveniently get it from the online shopping portal Amazon, with the reasonable ranges


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